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Because yes, it does happen. Tel Aviv is not a rain free place by any means, after all. But it should be added that rain in Tel Aviv is not very common, and when it rains, it usually doesn't rain for very long. And rain can only be expected in the winter of course, meaning between October and March, sometimes in April as well (it rained in Tel Aviv today, for instance, thus the photo), so if you should come here in the summer, you needn't worry about rain at all. If it should rain while you are in Tel Aviv, it shouldn't be a very big inconvenience, since it rarely rains for very long. One should know, however, that Tel Aviv is not very well equipped for rain, which means that the rain doesn't really dissappear very quickly after it has rained, instead, large puddles can be found around the city for quite some time after the rain has stopped. And should it rain a lot, crossing streets can be difficult for a while, since crossroads can be quite flooded. Another thing that can be a bit problematic when it rains in Tel Aviv is catching a cab while it rains, at least if this happens during the week, when people have to go to work, and if you are trying to get a cab during rush hours. A lot of people in the city seem to rely on cabs when it rains, as we've noticed a couple of times when we've tried to get a cab ourselves in these situations. Some things to amuse yourself with, should you ever find yourself in Tel Aviv while it rains:- See how many Israelis will say that it's good for the Sea of Galilee, or Kinneret, as it is called in Hebrew. This lake, while not even remotely close to Tel Aviv, is notoriously known for being in danger of drying out, but each time it rains, the lake gets into better shape, and since the lake, although not very impressive by international standards, is a great source of pride for Israelis, they get very happy when their beloved lake gets some more water.- People watch and see how scared many locals are of the rain. This can be seen by the expressions on their faces, their running and quite a few other things.

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