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Gan Ha Ir, or "City Garden" as it would be called if it had an English name, is a more upscale place for shopping in Tel Aviv, just like Kikar Ha Medina (that you can read more about here, if you are interested). You will find several upscale stores, like Escada and Tollman here, but also some of the more mainstream Israeli chains, like Castro and Fox, so there is really something for everyone here. There are also several nice coffee shops in the mall, which also has a nice outdoor feature - a courtyard, where you can have a drink or bite and enjoy the sun. The good thing about Gan Ha Ir is that despite its very central location, right next to Rabin Square, and right off Ibn Gvirol, one of the main streets of the center, it's usually not very crowded, unlike Dizengoff Center, for instance, so it suits shoppers who want to shop in peace and without crowds really well. Of course, the amount of stores is not as large as in Dizengoff Center either, but you have a nice variety of stores here, from book stores to a sports store, a natural supermarket, a pharmacy, a chocolate store, stores selling beauty products and clothes and lingerie, as well as some interior design stores, so it's a great option if you do not need to visit a bunch of stores at once. The mall is open 10-20 every weekday and 10-14 on Fridays, closed on Shabbat, and is located on 71 Ibn Gvirol.Highly recommended if you want to do some shopping, escape the crowds but still stay in the center of town some time!

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