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If you are visiting Tel Aviv during the summer, you will probably want to keep your feet in shape, and look your best. If so, you will find places to do a pedicure, manicure or other treatments all over Tel Aviv, but in our opinion, one of the best places for any kind of treatment i Yullia, a chain of beauty salons in the city. Why do we recommend Yullia?First of all, the staff speaks English, which is very convenient if you don't speak Hebrew yourself, and second of all, they make sure your experience is a good one, and don't try to sell you more treatments by saying your body, hair, skin or anything else is in really bad condition.You can also do a variety of different treatments here, which is nice, because then you don't have to run from one salon to another, should you need more than one treatment. For more information about Yullia, check out their website here.(We have only ever been to the Dizengoff and Yeremiahu branches, though, but they are both great. The photo is of the Dizengoff branch)

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