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One of the good things about Tel Aviv is that there are so many awesome restaurants here. And one of the restaurants that very many people claim to be the best out of them all is Manta Ray, located right on the beach, close to Neve Tzedek, Ha Tachana and Jaffo. While this restaurant doesn't look that special if you look at it from the outside (all of the images in this post are from the outside, we're afraid, since we forgot to take pics inside), the food is spectacular and the view is really nice too. So we can totally understand those who claim that this is the best restaurant in Tel Aviv, even though we are not fully ready to make that claim ourselves yet, simply for the reason that we haven't been to all the hot spots in town yet, so how can we compare them all? But as we said, the food in Manta Ray definitely is amazing, and we can especially recommend the small meze dishes they offer for starters, the speciality of this particular restaurant. One note though: We once took someone who eats neither fish or sea food here, and for people who do not like anything that used to live in the sea, this is not a great choice, since a lot of the food really is sea-based. But if you like fish or sea food, the menu here is really good! The service is nice too, and this place is nice both during the day and at night. We've heard they have amazing breakfasts too, but we've never had a chance to try their breakfast so far, so we can't really judge that, but it seems likely the breakfasts are just as good as the rest of the food served here as well. We've never tried anything here that wasn't good, after all. The address is simply Alma Beach (a beach you should be able to find on any map of Tel Aviv) and they do have a website (only in Hebrew) if you want to take a look at their menu, here.

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