A place to both shop and eat in Tel Aviv: The Port Market

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We've listed quite a few places where you can eat well in Tel Aviv (Manta Ray, Gilly's, Dallal, Goocha, Ha Shdera 34, Mexicana as well as Hummus Abu Hassan, for instance) where you should head when you want to do some shopping (Gan Ha Ir, Dizengoff Center, Kikar Ha Medina and The Bauhaus Center, just to name a few) but a great place to do both, at least if you like shopping for eatable items, is at the Port Market (Shuk Ha Namal in Hebrew) at the port of Tel Aviv. A lot of people confuse the Shuk Ha Namal with the Farmer's Market that is sometimes held outside of the building of the Port Market, but the difference is that the Port Market is open every day, while the Farmer's Market is only to be found here on Friday mornings. But like the Farmer's Market, the Port Market has a lot of really fresh and organic stuff too. So you can get everything from super fresh veggies to fine cheeses, wines, home made pastas, freshly squeezed fruit juices, fish and meats here. Everything is sold in small stalls, and you can choose to buy very small amounts too. Many people buy small dishes and eat them on the spot, too, so in that way, the Shuk Ha Namal is a much smaller version of the world famous La Bouqueria in Barcelona. But you can just as well buy ingredients for your own cooking here, too (that's what we usually do when we go here). You should know that the Shuk Ha Namal is pretty small, though, there is around 20 stalls here in total, maybe, and while everything sold here is of pretty high quality, there is a new similar market in the port of Jaffo, that will probably be a very strong competitor to this gourmet market in the future. But it's still very much worth a visit, we especially recommend getting some olives and seasonal fruits and berries, as well as trying the fabulous pasta at Pasta Fiori here. For more information about the market, try their website, they have quite a lot of information in English too.

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