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We've previously shared some information and tips regarding Ben Gurion Airport, the airport you will most likely arrive at if you travel to Tel Aviv on our page Flights to Israel, but we thought we would still share some more: The most important thing you should know about Ben Gurion Airport is, first of all, that you should always get there on time, if flying out. In some countries, it is not necessary to be early when you fly, but on Ben Gurion it may be. So you should be at the airport more than 2 hours before you flight if possible (3 hours should not be necessary, however). If you are going to the airport during rush hours, you should also be prepared for traffic jams on the way, so try not to under estimate the drive there either! A lot of people might also be interested in knowing that there is free wifi on Ben Gurion Airport, so if you are travelling with a laptop, iPad or tablet, smart phone or similar, you should be able to pass the time even if you get there a bit early! There are also a lot of duty free shops at the airport, so if you would like to do some shopping, that's quite a good option too. One can't really sleep at Ben Gurion Airport, however, there simply aren't very good chairs for that at the airport. So you should preferrably get here well rested! Lines for passport control can be long at times, and you need to have a passport that is valid for 6 months after you leave the country in order to be able to enter. Tourists are also required to fill in an entry form upon arrival. You should usually be given this form on the plane already, but in case you aren't, or you were simply sleeping when they gave them out, you can get it at the airport too. If you decide to get a cab to get to Tel Aviv or any other city in Israel from the airport, there should be a fixed price for this. So no need to haggle! But there are trains, as well as mini cabs and buses available too, in case you don't want to take a cab.

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