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Mizlala is one of famous Israeli chef Meir Adoni's restaurants, and known for being a bit less pricey than his other restaurants. The restaurant also has special business deals and deals on weekend, making it an even better deal than otherwise. So if you are a foodie and want to try a menu designed by one of Israel's best chefs, for a fraction of the price you would pay for eating in the more upscale restaurants, Mizlala, located on Nachalat Binyamin 57, is a good choice. The restaurant also has a rather impressive bar, a nice selection of wines, and an excellent variety of cocktails if you happen to like that, including some more rare cocktals that can be hard to find elsewhere in Tel Aviv, where most people are more into beer and wine than cocktails. The food is modern fusion, so you will find some very interesting combinations on the menu here, and the portions are very generous indeed, especially when it comes to the desserts, as well as tasty of course. So our visit to Mizlala was very nice, and we will definitely be going back there, since the price we paid was more than worth it, having been there during lunch, when we could take advantage of one of the business deals. The bread at Mizlala (complimentary with most meals) is served in an interesting way as well, and their own aioli sauce is really delicious! The restaurant also looks quite nice, and has both large and small tables, making this a perfect place for both a date and bigger celebrations. For more information about Mizlala, including a menu in English, their website is well worth a visit.

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