Spa in Tel Aviv: The May Spa at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

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Tel Aviv has a few good spas, but maybe not as many as many larger Western cities. Almost every big hotel has some kind of spa, that you can visit even if you are not staying at the hotel, though, so if you are having trouble finding the treatments you want to do elsewhere, or if there simply does not seem to be a spa near where you are staying in Tel Aviv, checking out the spas may be worth your while. One of the spas we recently visited is exactly such a spa, located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, on the beach in Tel Aviv. We went here for some massages (that were excellent!) and some time in the pool and hot tub that you also get access to as a visitor to the spa, and have to say that while this spa is not very luxurious and does not have any super rare treatments, it is nice and basic, and the treatments offered are done well. If you book any treatment at the spa, you also get free access to their pools for as long as you want, so if you want to go to a nice indoor pool, this spa is a great choice as well. The only complaint we have about the spa is that the locker rooms and showers don't seem to be cleaned very often during the day. We do understand that the spa cannot be blamed for messy guests, but keeping the locker rooms spotless at all times is a must for a high end spa if you ask us, and their locker rooms were far from spotless when we were there... The spa is located on 145 Ha Yarkon street in the center of the city, and they do have a website in Hebrew, you can see it here, but we did not manage to find an English version of it. They also have a Facebook page, check it out here.

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