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Mul Yam is one of the best known restaurants in Tel Aviv, and considered by very many to be the best restaurant in Tel Aviv too, especially if you like seafood. We haven't tried ALL Tel Aviv restaurants or Mul Yam enough times to say if this is true or not, but one thing is for sure: any other restaurant affiliated in any way with Mul Yam will also get a very unique reputation due to this connection automatically. So it's really not that surprising that Pier 23, a restaurant owned and run by one of the co-owners of the famed Mul Yam is quite talked about too. We had never been there, though, until today, when we decided that having lunch in the port of Tel Aviv would be a good idea. And we are happy to say that we think Pier 23 is really a very good restaurant on it's own too, it's not just living off the reputation of the more known bigger brother. The food is very classic surf n' turf food, if you've ever had that in the States, but they do have some meaty sandwiches and tortilla rolls on the menu too. And lovely rose wine, that we simply could not resist! (Would definitely love to go back to Pier 23 for the wine alone!) As for the food, we had a fish n' chips: As well as the New York Sandwich:    And while Goocha may serve a slightly better fish n' chips in comparison, the sandwich really was very tasty and had high quality ingredients as well as a very generous amount of meat (which is not something you can always count on when buying sandwiches in Tel Aviv, unfortunately) and both dishes were very filling. The side dishes could have been a bit more interesting though, especially when it comes to the sandwich that just came with a pickle. A salad might have been a better choice, for instance. But the standard of the food, described by the restaurant themselves as "gourmet fast food", was really quite high and the vibe is very nice and beachy, a very nice change from most other restaurants in the port, that seem to go for a rather polished feel, so we would definitely go back! But we'd probably try other dishes next time, not because we didn't like what we had, more because there were quite a lot of tempting dishes on the menu there...

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