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When visiting Israel, hummus is one of the dishes you absolutely must try, since this is one of the most authentic Middle Eastern dishes, not only in Israel, but all over the Middle East, and hummus also happens to be the favorite dish of many Israelis. So if you ask Israelis about hummus, they will all guide you to different hummus places, depending on which one they think is the best. One of the few places that pretty much all hummus eaters agree is one of the best, if not even THE best in the entire country, however, is Hummus Abu Hassan, in Jaffa, the world's oldest port, and now a part of the municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Jaffo itself is a rather charming place to visit, with a lot of interesting sights (but more about the rest of them some other time), so making the trip here just for the hummus is actually well worth it.   There are three Hummus Abu Hassan branches in Jaffa, but none so far in Tel Aviv, so if you want to try the best hummus in Tel Aviv, you need to find one of the branches in Jaffa. And that is not always that easy, since some of them are well hidden, and they don't look all that noticeable either. In fact, one of the branches of Abu Hassan looks like this: You can choose between a few different varieties of hummus when you go, but what Hummus Abu Hassan is actually famous for is actually their Hummus Masabacha, so if you do decide to give this amazing hummus place a try, we recommend that you try that. You will find 2 branches of the place on Shivtai Israel street, on number 14 and number 18, and one on Dolphin street 1. The prices are very reasonable, expect to pay 16 shekels for a personal dish and two pita breads, or 35 shekels for a kilo of hummus. Bon Apetit!

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