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Tel Aviv breakfasts have been mentioned over and over again here on TelAvivTips (see reviews of some of our favorite breakfast places here and here, for instance), but we felt the need to share one more tip on a great place for a breakfast in Tel Aviv with you, since we've just discovered the NOLA (short for New Orleans, Louisiana, apparently) American Bakery on Dizengoff street. NOLA is both a coffee shop/restaurant and a bakery, so you can either choose to sit down here for a meal, of just buy some of their amazing baked goods to go. We've actually done both, because after having our first breakfast here, we were so impressed we wanted some more! NOLA is owned by a New Orleans native, Talya Rasner, who grew up on the food the southern city is so famous for, meaning that you can find dishes at NOLA that you can't find anywhere else in Tel Aviv (buttermilk bisquits and Po-boy, for instance), as well as all the classic American baked goods such as cupcakes and muffins. The difference is, at NOLA everything is exactly how it is supposed to be, and not an Israeli adaptation of the dish. This is probably why you will find a lot of American tourists, as well as Americans living in Tel Aviv in the restaurant whenever you go. The place is pretty crowded during the weekends, though, so prepare to wait if you do here then. Breakfasts are served all day, though, so if you don't mind breakfast a bit later in the day, your chances of getting in improves. We have tried several of the breakfasts (the Blackstone Biscuit is our favorite), as well as several of the desserts (the peanut butter pie is divine!) and we also got some cupcakes to go. Everything was really, really tasty, and we will definitely be going back here! If it wasn't for the crazy lines outside, NOLA would definitely be a contender for the "Best Breakfast in Tel Aviv" awards, but a wait of over 30 minutes is a no-no for us, so no can do. The food is excellent though! For more information about NOLA, we recommend their Facebook page, since they don't seem to have a website yet. You can see their menu on the Facebook page too.

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