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One of the restaurants you absolutely have to visit if you are travelling to Tel Aviv on a small budget is Hashdera 34, because this restaurant is both cheap and serves amazing food. (We especially recommend the scallopini and the chicken wings, but everything is good, really!) This means there are often lines outside Hashdera 34, so if you want to eat here, you might want to consider doing so during hours when most people do not go out to eat as much if you want to avoid standing in line, or prepare for a long wait. But rest assured: once you make it into the restaurant, it is definitely worth the wait!The atmosphere is fun, there is also plenty of alcohol for those who want to drink a bit, and there are plenty of different kinds of dishes to choose from; from salads to pasta to meaty dishes. The restaurant is located on Shderot Ben Gurion 34 and you can see their opening hours here.(Unfortunately we did not manage to find a menu anywhere, but we will of course update this post if we do further on)

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