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Rabin Square, renamed that after previously being called Kings of Israel square, in 1995 when then Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzak Rabin, was assassinated on the square after a rally there, is the best known of all the squares in Tel Aviv, and the place where big events and rallies often take part in the city. So it's really no wonder many tourists think of visiting the square too.  But is there actually something to see here?In our opinion? Not really, unless you want to visit the Yitzak Rabin memorial, which is located in one of the corners, see the City Hall (not at all as nice as Tel Aviv's first City Hall, that we wrote about here) or visit Gan Ha Ir, which is actually a great place for shopping (read why here). There are plenty of coffee places and restaurants around the square though (we especially recommend dropping by Cinnabon if you want some delicious cinnamon rolls, Wolfnights if you want to try the best burger in town and Amore Mio if you are in the mood for some Italian food, but there are plenty of other nice restaurants around too), and Rabin Square has a lot of places to sit, if you happen to pass by and want to take a short break there. But all in all, we don't really think most tourists should make visiting Kikar Rabin, as Rabin Square is called in Hebrew, a priority, since you can find nice restaurants all over town. So only plan a visit here (the square is centrally located, though, so should you decide to visit, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle) if you really want to see the Rabin monument!

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