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Quite a few ice cream bars and ice cream places in Tel Aviv claim to have the best ice cream in the city, but the ice cream bar that most people consider the best is Gelateria Siciliana, that can be found in 2 different locations in the city: On Ibn Gvirol 63 and Ben Yehuda 110. We mostly go to the Ben Yehuda branch, since it is fairly close to our house. And we must admit the ice cream is pretty good! The decor is nothing special, however, so if you are expecting the place to be fancy and high end, you'll be disappointed. But then again, almost none of the Tel Aviv ice cream bars are very special or fancy, so this is not something specific just for Siciliana. There are tons of different flavors to choose from, and Gelateria Siciliana also sells vegan gelato if that is your thing. We hear that is pretty good too, but we can't say if it's true or not, due to only having tried the regular ice cream. They are said to have some ice creams suitable to those who are lactose intolerant as well. For more info on Siciliana, check out their cool website, at least if you read Hebrew! We'd definitely recommend this ice cream bar for ice cream lovers visiting Tel Aviv! Keep in mind, however, that they do not sell much besides ice cream (possibly some drinks), so this place is only worth visiting if it is indeed ice cream you are after.

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