Things to do in Tel Aviv: Nachalat Binyamin street market

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One of the most fun things to do if you have some time to spare in the middle of the day on either a Friday or Tuesday is to visit Nachalat Binyamin street in central Tel Aviv (very close to the famed shopping street Shenkin as well as the Carmel market). That's because on these days, there is a huge arts and crafts market outdoors on this fun street, which is otherwise mostly known for all the fabric stores on it. We took a stroll on Nachalat Binyamin street today (6/12 2012) and these are some of the things we saw for sale:         (You can click on the pics to enlarge them if you want to have a closer look) Since the people selling these things are artists and made all the things themselves, the actual merchandise changes a lot though, based on trends as well as on what the artists themselves are into at the moment. Nachalat Binyamin (sometimes also called Nahalat Binyamin, נחלת בנימין in Hebrew) is one of the best places to go shopping in Tel Aviv, if you are looking for something really unique, but strolling around here, looking at all the artists and the things they have created is quite a fun experience as well. If you don't mind crowds, go on Friday when the street is packed, and if you prefer less people, Tuesday is the day to go.  Some fun facts about Nachalat Binyamin The street was named after Zeev Benyamin Herzl, the founder of zionism who many other things in Israel (from cities to schools and anything else you can think of) are named after as well. It used to be the longest street in Tel Aviv when it was first founded, and you can still see quite a lot of old buildings here. The Art & Craft Fair has been a Tel Aviv tradition since 1987 and over 220 artists take part in the market activities on a regular basis. All goods sold in the market must be handmade, original and the artist who made the goods must be there himself to sell them.

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