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Several years ago, we happened to stop in Beersheva on a trip to Eilat, and wanted to have a bite there. Purely by chance (as we weren't very familiar with restaurants in Beersheva), we chose to eat at Kampai, which turned out to be an excellent choice, as their food was delicious! So much so, that we started calling it "the best Asian restaurant in Israel", and we often talked about how ironic it was that such a restaurant could be found in Beersheva of all places.From then on, we've made sure to always eat at Kampai whenever we are in Beersheva (which is not that often, to be honest), but we never expected this desert gem to pop up in Tel Aviv as well. However, when taking a walk in Sarona recently, we saw a sign saying "Kampai" on one of the buildings, and while we weren't completely sure we were looking at another branch of THE Kampai, we were really hoping, and we thought there might be a chance that this was the case, since we saw that the Kampai in Sarona also served sushi, noodles, fried rice and other Asian dishes. So we decided to ask, and the hostess confirmed that THE Kampai indeed had a branch in Tel Aviv now. How could we not give it a try? We did, of course, and the food at the Kampai in Tel Aviv is just as delicious as in Beersheva (although we've only been there once, so we have not had a chance to try the sushi yet, only the noodles and the home fries). The service was really excellent as well, and we liked how they paid attention even to the smallest details, such as giving you Asian, not Israeli soda, when you ordered some bubbly water. Kampai does have a website (only in Hebrew) and they even do deliveries! If you read Hebrew, and would like to know more about them, you may want to check out their Facebook page too.   The address is Osvaldo Aranha 9, in the beautiful Sarona complex.

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