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If you are looking for a place to eat, shop or just relax with a drink or a cup of coffee, The Tel Aviv Opera Tower, located at the corner or Allenby and Herbert Samuel, right on the beach is a great place to do just that. While this is by no means the best mall in Tel Aviv, it has basic stores and is really conveniently located for tourists staying at the beach, and it is clean, airconditioned and also has a movie theatre for those who want to go see one of the latest movies during their trip to Tel Aviv. There is also a hotel at the Tel Aviv Opera Tower (which is actually not a place to go see operas anymore, but the original Tel Aviv opera was located here before it was moved to a new location, hence the name) and several luxury apartments. We haven't been able to check the hotel out yet though, so a separate review of the hotel will be posted once we have. There is also a beautiful fountain right in front of the Tel Aviv Opera Tower which is well worth seeing for those into monuments and fountains.

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