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Cafe Masada on the beach, on Ha Yarkon street in Tel Aviv, is a restaurant a lot of our friends have recommended to us and suggested we go to, for a while now. It still took us the longest time to actually go there, even though this restaurant is actually really close to our home. But today we finally got there, and when we did, we were wondering what took us so long. Because the view from this place is actually really nice, and as long as you can sit in the shade, it's actually a really nice place to sit and look at Tel Aviv's beaches both in the morning, the middle of the day and the evening. And there are actually plenty of shady spots on the terrace. We went there for breakfast, and if you are interested in doing that as well, you should know that Cafe Masada has really long and generous opening hours. You can start getting breakfast here at 6 in the morning already, for instance. We didn't go quite that early, and decided to book a table in advance, which was a good idea in the end, because the place was already crowded in the morning. So if you really want to try this place out, we definitely recommend making reservations! We actually started eating before we remembered to take a photo of our food, so the plates are already a bit messy on this photo, we're afraid: But the food was good and tasty, even if not very unique in any way. But sometimes classic, simple food is just what you want, and then Cafe Masada is a great choice! A lot of people come here to eat and watch the sunsets, so we will definitely try to go back for that sometime soon. Cafe Masada is located on Hayarkon 83.

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