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Speaking of fast food in Israel, shwarma is another local dish not to be missed by meat lovers on holiday in Tel Aviv. A shwarma is a wrap filled with meat, from either lamb, goat, chicken, beef of turkey and it can be bought all over Tel Aviv.  Normally a shwarma is also filled with some kind of sauce, like tahini, as well as some vegetables, like cucumber and tomatoes, but in most places you also have the option to ask for toppings besides the meat yourself.  You might say that shwarma resembles the Turkish döner kebab or Greek gyros, but due to the toppings it tastes a bit different. The dish was brought to Tel Aviv and Israel by Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East.  The Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently published a list of the 5 best shawarma places in Tel Aviv, so if you are looking to try this dish, and want to do it in the best possible way, please read the Haaretz recommendations here.  For those too lazy to read the article themselves, the top 5, according to Haaretz are:Daboush on Ibn Gvirol 46 (very easy to spot!)Kababa on Karlibach 14Ha Kosem on Shlomo Ha Melech 1Olei Zion on Olei Zion street in JaffaAndHaj Kahil on Shivtei Israel in Jaffa.  (the photo is of a shwarma sales guy on Ben Yehuda Street in central Tel Aviv. You see some shwarma on a spit to the right of the guy)

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