How to get out of Tel Aviv if you need to: Trains

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While Tel Aviv is a great city, with a lot of things to offer, like this blog has hopefully been able to prove to you, many tourists who visit the city want to see other parts of Israel than just Tel Aviv when coming here too. And luckily you can take a train from Tel Aviv to places like Jerusalem and Haifa, as well as many others, quite easily.           You see, there are several train stations in Tel Aviv (the station pictured in this post is the one close to Azrieli - Tel Aviv HaShalom, but there are 3 others too) and you can easily check when the trains are departing on Israel Railways' website, here (available in English!). The trains are generally quite nice too, and while they might not always be right on time (but delays of more than 5 or 10 minutes are rather rare, which isn't to say they never occur...), they take you to where you need to be much faster than buses. So if there is a train connection to another destination in Israel where you want to go, we would highly recommend taking the train!   There are usually small kiosks in the railway stations in Israel, too, if you want to buy a snack or a drink, as well as vending machines, and unless your destination is a very small city or place, you can usually find cabs outside them too, for easy transport when you arrive to where you need to go.

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