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Now, the Ramat Gan Safari is actually not located in Tel Aviv, but you can get there quite easily and fast, so it can still be a good place to visit, especially with kids, and especially during the weekends.There is no regular zoo in Tel Aviv proper, even though there used to be a small one here in the past, and the Ramat Gan Safari is actually a pretty good zoo, so it's worth making the short drive out of town to go see it. The park is divided into 2 parts: one where you can drive around in your own car and see a lot of the animals up close, and one which is more like a regular zoo.         (these are hippos hiding under the water, even though it's kind of hard to see)         (these are all images from the safari part of the park, where you drive around yourself)     (and these are pics from the regular zoo) There are over 200 species of animals in the park, some of them rare, and some of them more common. (But if you don't manage to see a camel otherwise during your trip to Israel, at least you can see some here, right?) One of the best known residents of the zoo is of course Yossi, known to be the biggest elephant in capitivity at the moment, and taking the time to see him is indeed recommended, he is huge! While the park is large, there are plenty of different vehicles you can rent in order to get around the regular zoo easily, including some vehicles suitable for children alone, trains the whole family can take, and so on. There are also several small stalls as well as restaurants all over the zoo, as well as public bathrooms. The zoo arranges several different speciality tours that may be worth taking, and you can also join the zoo keepers when they feed the animals and so on.   You'll find all the information you need in order to visit the zoo, including opening hours and prices etc. on their website (in English).

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