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Like any big city, Tel Aviv has a lot of events, shows and other fun things going on pretty much all the time. But it's not always so easy to keep track of everything that goes on, so how does one find stuff to do in Tel Aviv? Pretty much every Tel Avivian has their own method for this, but we thought we'd tell you of our favorite ways. First of all, Time Out is great for Hebrew speakers and those who have someone to help them with the Hebrew. (Google translate unfortunately doesn't work in this case, due to the format)There is an English version of Time Out Tel Aviv as well, but in our opinion, it is not as updated as the Hebrew one. If you are interested in taking a look though, you'll find the English version here. (We have to admit that we haven't been reading the English version on a regular basis lately, so it might have gotten better) Another good option is to buy Haaretz/International Herald Tribune on Fridays, because then the magazine comes with a guide to the upcoming week. This guide lists pretty much everything going on all over Israel, so it's actually not only useful for those staying in of visiting Tel Aviv, but all of Israel. You'll find information about what movies are showing right now: Activities suitable for children: Information about museums and their exhibitions: Information about comedy shows (both in Hebrew and in English): Information about what is on in the different theatres in Tel Aviv and elsewhere: and much more. So we actually buy Haaretz/International Herald Tribune every weekend, not ONLY for the guide to events, but also for that reason. So this, besides different Facebook groups and such, would be our recommendation for those who want to be updated on what happens in Tel Aviv on a regular basis. Since the guide covers the entire week, you don't even need to buy the newspaper every day or anything, once a week is enough, giving you some time to plan ahead as well.

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