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One of the main attractions in Tel Aviv, of course are it’s many gorgeous beaches. Actually, the beach is a really long one, but divided into several smaller beach areas, which all have their own names. TelAvivTips plans on reviewing all the most popular beaches separately further on, as well as the many Tel Aviv hotels on the beach you will also find here, but let’s start with some more general information about the Tel Aviv beaches first.  First of all, most people in Tel Aviv go to the beach during the summer, and many Israelis from outside of Tel Aviv come into the city specifically with the purpose of going to the beach as well. Last but not least, tourists love the beach, which means that it can get pretty crowded, especially during the weekends in the summer. So if you are not comfortable with crowds, off season or during the middle of the week is the time to go if you can.Second of all, swimming and sun bathing are not the only activities you can enjoy on beaches in Tel Aviv. Instead, you can kitesurf, play the famous Israeli rubber ball game of matkot, rent a boat or surf, depending on what you are into.  There are rental places for most things somewhere along the beach, but if you want to avoid walking a lot, you might want to consider checking where you can rent the equipment you need before heading off to the beach, since the beach is indeed very long.  Some general info about beaches in Tel AvivThe beaches are safe, and generally clean, even if they can get a bit more dirty due to all the tourists at the end of the summer. There are life guards at hand during the summer, and you will also find both changing rooms as well as freshwater showers all along the beach.Different flags are used by the life guards to show you how well suited the water is for swimming at the moment. A white flag means it’s perfectly safe, a black flag that you should definitely not go in and a red flag that swimming might be dangerous.There are plenty of beach cafes on the beach, as well as Tel Aviv hotels on the beach, so if you are really coming to the city to spend a lot of time on a Tel Aviv beach, you might want to consider booking a hotel located right at the beach. There are plenty to choose from.(Entry to Banana Beach Tel Aviv)

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