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Now, since we live in Tel Aviv, we rarely stay at hotels in Tel Aviv, so unfortunately we have not been featuring many Tel Aviv hotels on the blog until now. We do know, however, that a lot of tourists coming here are looking for unbiased information on Tel Aviv hotels, so we thought we'd share the experiences we have with different hotels in Tel Aviv, even though they might be slightly different than yours. You see, when we visited the Crowne Plaza in Tel Aviv, we didn't stay there, instead we went there for a spa day, so we mostly got to check out the spa and the pool here, but still, we got some kind of idea on what this hotel is like when we did that, so why not share? One of the things you should be aware of if you are considering staying at the Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza is that is located on the beach. That said, there are plenty of other Tel Aviv hotels on the beach too, but we actually think this has one of the best locations, since it is located close to the extremely popular Gordon Beach, as well as the marina and several coffee places and restaurants. Also, if you just need a room for a couple of hours, in Tel Aviv Crowne Plaza hotel you will find a nice selection of rooms solely for this purpose. The spa was very nicely decorated, and the spa services offered (we had some massages) very nice. When you visit the spa you also get access to a big pool area, located under this window dome, which was rather big, nice and not too crowded. The only downside we can think of regarding the pool area is that you can hear quite a lot of noise from the beach when lounging there, but due to the location, maybe that's to be expected? So all in all, we think the Crowne Plaza seems like a very nice hotel, with nice amenities as well as very nice staff, and based on our very limited experiences with the place, we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv!

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