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Abrage Jaffa is a restaurant we ran into kind of by accident, because they had an ad in the Haaretz (read more about why Haaretz is a great read during the weekends here) about a special Rosh Ha Shana (Jewish New Year) offer they have. Some of the dishes they serve were mentioned in the ad, which made us really curious about the place, so we paid them a visit. First of all, this restaurant is located in a very touristy area of Jaffa, right next to St. Peter's Church, so it's very easy to get to if you visit the old parts of Jaffa anyway, but it also means there are tons of other tourists there, so it may be hard to get a table sometimes. (When we went, we saw several people being turned away because they hadn't made reservations)So it seems making a reservation is a good idea. The restaurants has tables both inside and outside, and if you are worried about eating outside in the summer (we sure are!), there are some rather powerful air conditioners out on the terrace too, so in that case, we would just recommend you to sit near one of them. The building where the restaurant is located is absolutely beautiful, a typical building for Kedumin Square, where Abrage is located, and you really get a feel of old Jaffa when eating here. At first, the service seemed kind of slow, we had to wait quite some time for menus and for someone to take our order, but after that, the service was excellent, and the food was really nice, as well as more unique than in some other, similar restaurants. We especially liked the starters, some grilled halloumi cheese with a lovely sauce: As well as portobello mushrooms with lentils and goat cheese: And as for the main dishes, if you order shrimp they serve it in a really interesting bread, in a big bread, with some delicious sauce on it. There's a lot of seafood and fish on the menu, so that seems to be their specialty, but they do have meat on the menu as well, as well as pasta and some vegetarian dishes. The only complaint we have is that the cocktail we ordered wasn't that exciting. But the food and the atmosphere was lovely! (And psst! The bathrooms were clean and nice, pardon our French. So it seems to be a clean restaurant too) When we were there, in the evening, they also had a singer singing internationally known romantic songs. So if you have a date or are in Tel Aviv with your significant other, this would probably be a very romantic place to have a meal, due to all the romantic songs as well. For more information about Abrage (including their menu), see their website.

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