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If you would like to try one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, but for a better price than what they normally charge, we recommend going to Kimmel on HaShahar 6, for a Friday lunch. You see, on Fridays the restaurant offers a special menu, called the "Pampering menu", which gives you a chance to try 3 courses from their reputedly amazing menu for 129 NIS. What you get is basically a starter, a main course and dessert. We had the mushroom/spinach risotto for a starter, which was simply divine, highly recommended! We chose pasta with sea food for one of the main courses: And a hamburger for the other. When the time came for dessert we were really full (the courses at Kimmel are certainly not small! So it would be advisable not to eat too much before going here), so we forgot to take photos and almost couldn't finish the desserts either, but we tried the pannacotta as well as a crunchy chocolate dessert. All the dishes served were really, really good, so after having eaten here for the first time, we can certainly understand why people say Kimmel is so good! It's definitely a dining experience out of the ordinary, since the food is great, and so is the decor. Located next to the charming neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek, Kimmel has a charming, rustic/vintage style, making it a really great place for special events too, if you are going for a more "homey" feel. The only thing we were not too thrilled about during the Friday special meal was the sangria. We're not big sangria drinkers, so we are unable to judge if the sangria that comes with the deal is better or worse than other sangrias served in town, but it would have been nice to have another option for an included drink, since not everyone is big on sangria. But other than that, our visit to Kimmel was definitely a very positive experience and we will surely go back again. We're quite sure it's worth going there during the evening too, and not just for the lunch deal. But if you would like to try the lunch deal, and read Hebrew, you will find the special lunch deal menu here. (Kimmel does have an English menu in the restaurant, too, but apparently not on the website... You can see an old menu for the Friday lunch deal here, but you should know that the menu has slightly changed since this was published. Some of the dishes are the same though)

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