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The Goocha is without a doubt one of the leading sea-food restaurants in Tel Aviv (and in the whole of the country, for that matter). Since many kinds of sea-food are non-kosher, finding good sea-food in Israel (a Jewish state, for those of you who forgot) may be more challenging than in some other countries. In Goocha, where the distinction between Kosher and non-kosher food does not really exist, you will be able to find a rather large variety of sea-food, ranging from traditional fish dishes to more special shrimp , calamari, mussels and crab dishes - all for fairly reasonable prices, from between 50 NIS to a bit over 100 NIS. For all you non sea-food eaters, other options are also available: personally I would recommend either the entrecote, the hamburger or the delicious chicken in curry and coconut sauce. Goocha is conveniently and centrally located on 171 Dizengoff St. (on the corner with Ben-Gurion Blvd.) - close to much of the action that Tel Aviv has to offer, and nearby to most of the hotels (and the beach) as well. Bon Apetite.

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