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A lot of girls and women who visit Tel Aviv want to do manicures and pedicures during their stay in the city, for several different reasons:First of all, manicures and pedicures are way cheaper, as well as more common in Israel in general, and in Tel Aviv in particular, compared to most other western countries.Second of all, you will probably spend a large part of your holiday in sandals, so it makes sense to have your feet looking your very best. A good manicure/pedicure place can definitely help you with that, but not all beauty salons in Tel Aviv are equally good. Specifically when it comes to manicures and pedicures, an issue is that there are a lot of salons that may look nice, but where the treatments are less than perfect, as well as a lot of places where the treatments are good, but where the decor and the vibe are not what you are looking for when you are on vacation and want to spoil yourself a bit. So finding the combination of a really nice environment where you can have your mani/pedis done, as well as a really effective treatment is not always the easiest thing to do. But there are some gems out there, and one of them is the fairly recently opened Shooshka, on Ehad ha'am street 79, located in a very nicely renovated, typical Tel Aviv building (with typical Tel Avivian floor tiles and walls, for instance), very close to Rotschild Boulevard, as well as Habima (where you can also usually park if you are coming to Shooshka by car for some reason). We would say that this place is probably the most typically Tel Avivian out of all the beauty salons we've been to, and less touristy than many of it's competitors. So if you want a very typically Tel Avivian manicure/pedicure experience, Shooshka is definitely a great choice! But the typical Tel Aviv vibe is not the only advantage about Shooshka. They also use a lot of great products, including the most popular nail polishes around (O.P.I, Essie, Ciate... you name it!). The selection of colors is also pretty impressive (not something you can always take for granted in all Tel Aviv beauty salons), so even if you are into the trendiest colors of the moment, you should be able to find that here.   And they also sell some products that you can take with you, if you'd like. We spotted this basket of Israeli beauty products that looked really interesting for instance, but apparently, what products are on offer changes from time to time, so if you were to become a regular, you would probably find new products to try on a regular basis too.   The place obviously has a girly, but not too girly feel, which is why they have also stocked up on design and fashion books as well as a lot of magazines (fashion and other), in case you need some reading material while you have your treatments done. There is plenty of reading material in English (also not something one should take for granted when visiting a beauty salon in Tel Aviv, for sure! So if you go to other places, you might want to bring your own reading material, but at Shooshka, that doesn't seem to be necessary). You can also have a massage while you have your pedicure done, since the salonĀ  seats you in a massage chair for this. So going to Shooshka, the salon voted to have "the best manicure pedicure in Tel Aviv" by Time Out Magazine two years in a row, on a day when you're feeling a bit achey or tired (whether from too much partying or sightseeing...) is a great idea as well. We were actually really impressed by how good the pedicure was. Several tools were used, in order to achieve the perfect soft "baby feet" end result (some pedicure places use only one or two), and the manicure was flawless as well. Besides manicures and pedicures, wax hair removal treatments, paraffin treatments and make up services (both express makeup, for a date or job interview, as well as bridal makeup and makeup classes) are offered at Shooshka. We definitely want to go back, to try one of the makeup services next! Shooshka has a lot of regulars (we talked to some of them while there, and they all only had the best things to say about the place), and we were told a lot of hotels in the area send them clients on a regular basis too, so drop ins are not recommended (even though they might be possible, depending on when you go), so you should book an appointment in advance, at least the day before. You'll find all the info you need in order to do this on their English website. Oh, and did we mention they give you cookies and coffee or tea, too? So even if you should arrive a bit early in order to have a look at the products they sell or something, no worries, having a coffee on their charming balcony will make the time pass by until it's your turn!Also, in this website you will find a nice selection of beauticians in Israel.Enjoy!

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