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As you may know, if you have been reading this blog for a while, like most typical Tel Avivians, we are constantly looking for the best breakfast in Tel Aviv, since breakfast is really one of the more important meals in this city. And when we visited Eden Bistro, the restaurant part of the charming Eden Boutique Hotel, recently, we certainly found another contender for this title! Not only is the restaurant, as well as the rest of the hotel, super charming in a Parisian classic way, the way they serve the food at Eden Bistro is also really charming (not a lot of attention is paid to how things are served in a lot of Tel Aviv restaurants, but Eden Bistro is definitely an exception to this rule!) and the place is located in Kerem ha Teimanim, the Yemenite Vineyards, in Tel Aviv, which is really a very charming neighbourhood to visit anyway. So the surrounding is lovely in every way when you eat here, but the food is not half bad either! The portions are really huge and the dishes original. You can also check out their menu online (here) if you want to see what they can offer you before you go. We shared their The Rendevous meal for 2, which was a great choice, because you got to try several of their specialities by doing so. (what is pictured below is just part of the meal, however, since they serve it in several different rounds) We highly recommend this place for everyone looking for a really nice breakfast or a Parisian feel in a restaurant i Tel Aviv. This really is a very unique place! The bisto is located on 11 Yishon Street in Kerem ha Teimanim.

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