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The Azrieli Towers are some of the best known buildings in all of Tel Aviv, but shopping aficionado should also know that the Azrieli Center, as the shopping center part of the towers is called, is a great place to shop as well. You will find several stores you will not be able to find elsewhere in the city here, from Forever 21 to H&M, as well as two large food courts, so you can definitely get your drink and eat on too! The mall consists of 2 large floors full of stores + some coffee shops scattered on floor 4, and a single flower store on floor 1, and you can find pretty much any type of store here, from make up stores like MAC to beauty product emporiums like Laline and book stores such as Steimatzky, bakeries like Roladin, Adidas and NIKE stores, a Zara store, a Pull and Bear and Mango store, a GAP store and much more. So no matter what you are looking for, Azrieli Center is usually worth a visit! The mall may be a bit crowded during holidays and weekends, though, so if you can, come during the weekdays when nothing special is going on. The transportation to the Azrieli Center from all over Tel Aviv is pretty good, so it shouldn't be an issue to get here, even if the mall is not located in the center of town. There is also a big railway station right next to it, if you should want to leave town right after you visit, or visit it first thing after you take the train to Tel Aviv from the airport or something.

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