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Tel Aviv is known for it's many amazing breakfast places, and like when it comes to the best restaurant of them all, people can't really agree on what the best breakfast place in Tel Aviv is either. So we've actually decided to try quite a few of the places that are often said to have the best breakfasts in town, and the first we thought we would share our views on is Dallal, located quite near the Suzanne Dallal Center, but not in it. Instead, Dallal (a word that actually means "pampering" in Arabic) is located on Shabazi street, the main street of Neve Tzedek, 50 meters after the entrance to the Suzanne Dallal Center, towards the sea. Unfortunately, Shabazi street is being renovated at the moment (the street is supposed to be new and improved by November 2013), so the street around the restaurant is a bit dirty at the moment, but the restaurant itself is quite lovely, the staff very professional and sweet, and the breakfast indeed quite nice. Maybe this is because Dallal actually has their own bakery, where all the baked goods are made (pictured)? We had a salmon croissant as well as their special dish Fry Up, as well as a continental bread basket.   Everything was really tasty, and you can add a lot of things to the dishes if you want, for an extra fee, so this is really the perfect place for anyone who likes unusual combinations of some kind.You can find a Dallal menu here, but it looks slightly different to the one we saw at the restaurant today, so it might be old... So is this indeed the best breakfast in Tel Aviv? We would say it's definitely a contender, especially for those who want one dish, but not to be too stuffed and have tons and tons of food, that you get in a lot of the other breakfast places in town. We really enjoyed our breakfast at Dallal, and will be going back, and also look forward to trying their regular dishes some evening! Definitely recommended! And the area where this restaurant is located is really nice too, so you can stroll around and experience Neve Tzedek at the same time if you are not in a rush.

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