Things to see in Tel Aviv: Old City Hall and the Tel Aviv Museum

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Another great museum, located very close to Bialik House, on Bialik street 27, in central Tel Aviv, is the old city hall of Tel Aviv (actually it's first city hall), which is now a museum where you can see old photos and movies where the city is featured, the city's first mayor's Meir Dizengoff's old office as well as special exhibitions from time to time. The building, built in 1925, and a museum since 2009, is very beautiful itself, and the interior has been kept in excellent condition as well. Currently, there is a fashion exhibition at the museum, called A Year In Fashion, but this is said to change from time to time, but we would say the space is amazing and well suited for most exhibitions, so whatever the museum decides to put here, it should work well.     While visiting the museum, you should also take a look at the many short video clips of Tel Aviv, available on a number of computers. Looking at these videos, you will ge a better picture of how Tel Aviv has developed over the years, and may probably also be able to spot quite a few places you recognize from modern Tel Aviv among the footage.       Make sure you visit legendary mayor Meir Dizengoff's office when he was mayor as well. It's located on the second floor, and has a lovely view over Bialik Street.       For more information on the museum, visit their website. The museum is open every day, except Sunday, including weekends, and the entrance fee is 20 NIS. But beware, many first timers spend a lot of time in this museum, since there is so much to see, and all the photos of old Tel Aviv and the videos can take quite a lot of time if you are into that. So make sure you have at least a few hours to spare when you come! The museum does not have a gift shop as far as we know, but there are plenty of places to buy photos and items somehow related to Tel Aviv's past elsewhere in the city.

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